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    • Breathing apparatuses
    • Face masks
    • Filters

Breathing protection

D.P.I. srl is a leading company in Italy specialized in personal protective equipments. Sekur products were developed by Pirelli group at the beginning of last century. The range of models, completely renewed in the last years, nowadays includes: full face masks, half masks, filters, self contained breathing apparatuses, EEBD and escape sets, disposable filtering respirators, hearing protectors, industrial gloves, safety goggles and spectacles etc.

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    • Edge protection
    • Corner protection
    • Surface protection
    • Pipe protection

Warning and protective bumper guards

These warning and protective bumper guards with the distinctive name Knuffi act as a personal crumple zone for people, machines and fixtures, absorb hard impacts and thus prevent injury or damage. The highly effective warning capability of the black and yellow markings highlights sources of danger at edges, gaps and obstacles making them easy to recognise and thus reducing accidents

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    • Protective shoes

Protective shoes

Since 1996. No Risk is a brand of ICC that manufactures protective shoes designed for dangerous terrains, slippery surfaces, low temperatures and other hazardous conditions.

Their vision is that footwear should be fun, fashionable and functional. They want people to be safe in their professional environment, with elegant and up to date design, under any circumstances. With modern design that provides comfort and safety there are many innovations and technologies like Kevlar and Sympatex.