Since 2005 over 10.000 people participated in our programs and trainings in health and safety, fire protection, environmental protection and systems of quality.

Our motto is:

Therefore, we invite you to join us on some of our programs and trainings.

Training of employees in safety area (OHS, FP, EP)

  1. Course for health and safety professional activities performing and preparation for professional exam in health and safety area
  2. Advanced course for health and safety professional activities performing, including tour in company with good practice
  3. Training for employers and managers in safety area
  4. Advanced training and tour in company with good practice in health and safety for managers
  5. Professional training for employees
  6. Special forms of education: seminars, workshops, professional discussion
  7. Publishing
  8. Internet forum

Our professional work and dedication is well known on the market of safety services in Serbia and region. TEHPRO also became recognized name for education in the area of health and safety, fire protection and environmental protection. Our clients are many renowned international companies and our training certificates are accepted in companies with highest standards in safety area: U.S. Steel Serbia, Holcim, Telenor, Ball Packaging, Messer tehnogas, TE Kostolac, Titan cementara Kosjerić and others.

We invite you to join us in developing safer and healthier work and living.