Health and safety

TEHPRO company has qualified, trained and technically equipped personnel, capable of providing complex services in the field of safety. The modern world experiences are constantly monitored and methods applied in practice, with regular training and purchase of the latest equipment for measuring, testing, inspection and servicing. Over 20 years of experience and satisfied clients confirm that the effort and resources invested in training and equipping our staff were correct decision.


  • Continuous service as health and safety at work personnel
  • Risk assessment and drafting Risk assessment document
  • Consulting in initial phase of facility design from health and safety aspect
  • Assessment of health and safety system state for insurance companies, banks and clients
  • Drafting program for clientsʹ health and safety system improvement
  • Expert support in health and safety area:
    • defining safe work place
    • internet forum:
    • legal support for employers
    • software support to health and safety activities
  • Services of occupational health specialist
  • Drafting rulebook on the rights, obligations and responsibilities in the field of health and safety at work
  • Drafting training program for safe and healthy work
  • Drafting site arrangement study
  • Drafting rulebook on PPE
  • Drafting rulebook of inspection and maintenance of Ex-devices
  • Drafting rulebook and study on the action in case of accident and procedures in dangerous situations


  • training employees for safe and healthy work
  • preparation for professional examination in the field of health and safety at work
  • seminars, conferences and expert discussion
  • risk assessment workshops
  • managers education
  • other educations in the field of health and safety at work


  • Preventive and periodic inspection and testing of equipment for work
  • Preventive and periodic testing of work environment conditions:
    • microclimate (in summer and winter time)
    • illumination
    • noise
    • vibrations
    • chemical hazards
  • Measurement of electromagnetic radiation
  • Measurement of dust and control of electrical installation parameters
  • testing and measurement of electrical installations in Ex-protection
  • Recording electrical installations with thermo vision camera
  • Recording equipment with working parts with thermo vision camera


  • Coordination of health and safety measures
  • Supervision, control and coordination in health and safety measures application
  • Designing supports for safe work at height
  • Designing safety lines for safe work at height


  • Systems for harmful substances detection
  • Systems for ventilation
  • Electrical protection
  • Safety devices on equipment for work


  • Delivery of equipment, cabling, commissioning stationary systems for the detection of toxic and explosive gases
  • Delivery and installation of equipment for horizontal and vertical signals (mirrors, bollards, fluorescent tape, fire tape)


  • Equipment for personal and collective protection:
    • compressed air breathing apparatus
    • insulation clothing
    • masks
    • harnesses for work at high
    • gloves, boots and bars for high voltage
  • Handheld gas detectors
  • Systems for toxic and explosive gas detection