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Workshop: Health and safety in judicial practice


Tara Hotel “Omorika” 4th, 5th and 6th of April 2012.

For six years already the Law on Safety and Health at Work is in use. The law is very restrictive and puts employers in a position of strict liability for the consequences of unsafe operation and subjective responsibility of managers and other employees for failures in the performance of legal duties. Significant experiences in legal practice were gained during the application of this law. However, there still exist many problems and disorientation.

Company for services in the area of safety TEHPRO Ltd. has extensive experience in conducting safety and health (OSH). We have all the licenses in this area. In addition to the practical application of the law by performing specific tasks OSH for employers across Serbia, we give our clients the support from legal experts who have professional certificate in the field of OHS. We work and judicial expertise in this area, too.